You choose a team not only for the quality of its work, but also for the future performance that it can provide.

Ipsen is committed to operational excellence over the long term. In fact, the lean state of mind is applied to all areas of the company including production and support services.

All employees are committed to continuous improvement which is reflected both in the quality and cost of service to our customers.

This translates into concrete results.

Over three years:

  1. 12% increase in productivity
  2. 15% increase in “Right First Time”
  3. Batch release rate greater than 99.9%
  4. 12% reduction in internal costs

Specific objectives are assigned to everyone in the company. The know how to respond quickly to our customers’ diverse and urgent needs. We demonstrate flexibility in planning and are responsive to our customers’ needs. We can shorten deadlines and we know how to incorporate significant variations in production.


Team spirit:

Our employees are committed to deliver a high quality service to our clients and give of their best to satisfy their demands, regardless of how difficult and complex.

Our employees play an integral role in our success. Ipsen seeks to develop their entrepreneurial skills and encourages the teams to suggest cost-controlling solutions.