The Ipsen group world center for drug distribution is based in France, in Eure & Loir (in Dreux). Located near the 3rd cargo port in Europe (Le Havre) and the first European cargo airport (Paris/Roissy), it delivers to approximately 1,300 customers spread over one hundred countries.


This logistic platform is totally dedicated to preparation and delivery activities for specialty pharmaceuticals. In fact, the operations are performed according to the highest standards of Good Distribution practices (GDP).

The storage capacity is about 12,000 pallets divided into 3 warehouses of 9000m² (of which 100m3 is cold room).


Other functions in addition to specialty care and primary care drug product storage are also carried out : cross-docking services, picking and packing/co-packing for drug products shipped either at room temperature (+15/+25°C) or at cold temperature (+2/+8°C). Supply Chain teams are responsible for the shipment of almost 180,000 order lines every year, with a customer satisfaction rate higher than 99.9%.


The transportation department organizes, through external carriers and freight forwarders, almost 50,000 shipments per year for all modes of transport (road, air, sea and rail). Furthermore a sales administration department is in charge of client management directly. Consequently, Ipsen Dreux Distribution hub is considered as a 3PL (Third Party logistics) of the Pharmaceutical Industry.